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Spelt Dehuller Sold to Australia

2018-07-25  By  diana
Australia customer bought one set spelt dehuller for hulling einkorn spelt. The rubber roller spelt dehuller machine is mainly used for husking rice, einkorn wheat, spelt, and can separate rice husks and grains from rice roughness mixtures. It can be operated independently, and it can also be used in the production of a series of air-blast rice milling machines and rice milling complete sets of equipment produced by our company.
Spelt Dehuller Australia
The design is novel, the operation is convenient, the rate of one time dehulling is more than 99%. This dehuller machine has small power and large output, and the motor power is 2.2kw and the output is over 400kg per hour. This spelt dehulling machine has wide range of application, such as rice, long grain rice, glutinous rice, black rice, sorghum, millet, spelt, einkorn wheat, etc. It is a large high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing deep processing machinery for cereals. This seplt dehuller machine has been exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, and parts of Africa, like Australia, win high praise from deeply domestic and foreign users. 
Our factory has sold dehuller machine to Austria for several times. GELGOOG Machinery has advanced technology services, wide application, rapid demand response capacity and perfect after-sales service. The company already owns and is applying for a number of patented technologies, covering the whole process of deep processing of grains. A number of technologies have filled the domestic gap.
The spelt dehuller machine produced by our factory, all parts and components are moulded for production, which can be matched. In case of changing parts, we will send them by express, and the customers will be able to use them soon.

Following is the testing video for spelt dehuller machine:


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